Brandon UR @WavyBoyUR

male |Minnesota

I Dance To Dubstep,I Like To Party,Hang Out With Friends.JUST HIT THE FOLLOW BUTTON :D #UnderRatedHigh(UR) #TrianglesUp #Illumination #Love!

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Who T'F Said YOLO
 Lauren 14 months ago
People are getting really annoying with that
Right Tho
What's Me Without You?? </3
Brandon UR reshared M.M
Aww Cute! <3 Lol...
Kiss M'F..Lol...
Brandon UR reshared M.M
I Have The Privilege To Meet You.
 Hannah Cave 23 months ago
8 main planets, But most likely there are billions of planets:)
 Randall Smith 23 months ago
Make It Rain MONEY!!!
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